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SafeLogin is a password solution for your login. SafeLogin is easy to use, simple to remember and more secure than the text-password that has been the cause of multiple data and account losses that you will have seen in the media.

User Friendly

The Future of Online Security

SafeLogin works by displaying a one-time keypad to the user when accessing a system. By using a set of pictures in a keypad as buttons, and a user configured background, there is protection against a large number of the common attack vectors faced by a login system. The SafeLogin product is agile and customisable, you decide on the images for buttons and the images used for the background – keeping a consistent design and brand feel to your users experience.
“Pictures paint a thousand words” in the case of SafeLogin, this is very true!

Authenticating with SafeLogin couldn’t be easier, first enter your username as normal, then your keypad is displayed for you to select your sequence of images and click login.
Every time you login, you will see the same images, creating a familiar snapshot of your keypad – even the buttons that you don’t use in your password become important to the user, creating a login system with a high level of phishing protection.

SafeLogin is Brandable

The visual appearance of SafeLogin can be completely customised with your own brand – we are one of the only vendors offering this feature. Upload any image you want, and create your own unique keypad. Each element can be precisely customised to fit your brand guidelines – for example the size of the keypad, and including the number, size, and position of each button. The keypad is also HTML friendly. You can add additional text HTML code or other scripts directly into the background area for added functionality.

SafeLogin is not just a security solution; it’s also an advertising platform! Because the keypad is HTML friendly, you can easily insert customised code to create your own advertising platform or marketing campaign. Since keypads can be customised and deployed in unique groups, you can also run multiple ads or campaigns for different customers to support an overall marketing campaign.


Picture based password are infinitely stronger than using username and password alone. Also unlike virtually ever other multi-factor authentication solution, SafeLogin never transmits your password over the internet. This offers unique protection from many of the most common security attacks as hacking methods such as phishing, pharming, dictionary attacks, trojans, spyware, keystroke loggers are all based on the idea of finding a text-based password.

  • Adds strong security at the click of a button
  • Significatly more secure than traditional username and passwords
  • Picture passwords are ideal for mobile devices and easier to remember
  • Very low overhead compared to SMS/physical tokens
  • Easier to manage and more reliable than token based solutions
  • Highly Scalable to millions of users and designed for virtually all client device types

Since SafeLogin is an entirely software-based security solution, it can scale according to your precise needs without additional management or overhead. You can also achieve tremendous savings and management overhead reduction by removing the need for physical/SMS tokens to add multi-factor authentication. SafeLogin can handle it all for you, and it doesn’t require any additional hardware or software clients to work.

SafeLogin is Flexible

Deploy it for employees, external partners, or even your customers. This is one of the few multi-factor authentication solutions that can be deployed to anyone, anywhere, at any time, with the click of a button. Each group can have their own unique authentication requirements depending on your security needs – for example 4 picture passwords with one set of images for employees, and 6 picture passwords with a different set of images for customers.

SafeLogin complies with HMG’s Good Practice Guides

SafeLogin reinforces the standard followed by organisations who wish to comply with all three levels of authentication as defined in GPG 44, and it also supports the criteria required to comply with all four levels of authentication as defined in GPG 45.

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