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What is SafeLogin?

SafeLogin is a password solution for your login. SafeLogin is easy to use, simple to remember and more secure than the text-password that has been the cause of multiple data and account losses that you will have seen in the media.

SafeLogin works by displaying a one-time keypad to the user when accessing a system. By using a set of pictures in a keypad as buttons, and a user configured background, there is protection against a large number of the common attack vectors faced by a login system. The SafeLogin product is agile and customisable, you decide on the images for buttons and the images used for the background – keeping a consistent design and brand feel to your users experience.

“Pictures paint a thousand words” in the case of SafeLogin, this is very true!

Authenticating with SafeLogin couldn’t be easier, first enter your username as normal, then your keypad is displayed for you to select your sequence of images and click login.

Every time you login, you will see the same images, creating a familiar snapshot of your keypad – even the buttons that you don’t use in your password become important to the user, creating a login system with a high level of phishing protection.

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